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Rosen Sound LLC

RS80017A - 80017A Clone

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Product Summary:

The RS80017A is a hybrid VCF/VCA circuit that replaces the infamous Roland 80017A "voice chip" in the popular Juno-106 synthesizer, among others.
It sounds and behaves identically to the original voice chips and can be used alongside original chips without issue. 

The RS80017A is the result of years long research and development into our own 80017A clone after years of using the other ones on the market. We did not want to release our own unless it was an original design that is the most faithful to the original, which we have succeeded in doing by using a real 3109 OTA for the filter design. These calibrate exactly like the originals. 

The original 80017A from Roland has A 100% failure rate. Therefor we only sell our replacement in sets of 6 so that yours or your customers Juno is fully outfitted with a better product. 

The RS80017A is compatible with all Roland synthesizers that use the 80017A, such as the Juno 106, HS-60, GR700, MKS-30, and some others. 

Our chips are backed by a lifetime warranty, so if problems arise that are not due to poor installation, we will ship you a new one.

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