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Thanks for your interest in our company. We wanted to consolidate all pertinent info about our various services into one page, so this page is quite long. Please use the links below to navigate down to your service of interest.

Repair Rates & Policies
Rental Rates & Policies
Studio Rates & Policies
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Repair & Restoration Ship Rates & Policies

(Updated: 1/24)

Shop Rate: $150 per hour, one hour ($150) minimum bench fee per item. Some exceptions are made for certain very small jobs, such as battery changes in certain units. The bench charge is applied towards the final invoice. Time is billed in 15 minute increments.

Estimates: Many routine repair jobs can be completed in 1-3.5 hours or so. Less routine repairs can take longer. Restorations can take weeks of time. Due to the nature of vintage synthesizer repair, there is factually no way that we can know how much your bill will be (billed by the hour) until it’s finished. When you inquire about your project, we will send you a password protected webpage with the most common synthesizers we take in and their associated estimates. We are very careful about sticking to estimates and not surprising our customers with a huge bill.

Parts: Parts are not free. Parts are never included in our estimates unless it’s explicitly noted. Repair parts (this is different from accessories) provided by customer must be approved and arranged before hand and provided with unit on drop off. In the case of retrofits and the like, it’s of course fine to provide that with your unit. We stock over 2000 parts, rare and common, and price them fairly considering we are able to test them for their authenticity. Yes, some specific integrated circuits can be quite expensive. We assure you our $80 chip will work and that the $15 one on eBay is very likely to be a fake.

Communication: As of January 2021 all jobs must use email as the primary method of communication. This is *critical* for the simple reason that we cannot spend all day on the phone and we need the paper trail to make sure each process is documented and we (and you) have something to look back on. Emails are answered within a couple of business days of receipt.

Rush Fees: 
Note 1/24: We are not offering rush service until 5/24. The below rates should still be accurate at that time.

We are able to offer rush services on routine work that we assume will not involve days of troubleshooting. Our rush rate is $250 per hour plus a $500-2000 surcharge added to your bill and due upfront.

We also want to clarify that while yes, money does talk, we take little pride in the "pay-to-play" aspect of this business. Unfortunately, the ever growing demand for our services has forced our hand in implementing these policies.

3rd party billing is not an option for rush orders. The invoice must be paid on completion.

Turnaround Times:
We know this is one of the most important factors before choosing a shop to work on your gear. We are blessed to be entrusted by thousands locally and worldwide to provide top notch service, and with that has come great trial and error to solve the issue of turn around.

At this time, because we are very backed up, we have erased this section of the page as we are not currently accepting new jobs and anything that slips through that crack will certainly have it's own unique turn around circumstances discussed with the client

Warranty & Service Level:
No other shop on planet earth offers the generous warranties we provide.

Unless otherwise specified, we offer a lifetime warranty on all items we sell or service. A lifetime warranty is a not a blank-check type offering that entitles you bring in your instrument we serviced in any condition for a free fix.

What the warranty specifically covers is work related defects. A work related defect means one of the following:

  1. A problem with the work we performed. i.e, we made a new cable harness and one wire in the harness becomes faulty prematurely. In this case, we will replace the harness at no cost to you.
  2. An issue/defect we should have found. i.e we did not change a jumpy trim pot even though we didn't have an issue with it to begin with. In this case we will change said trim pot and recalibrate the function at no cost to you.

One challenging aspect to this warranty is that it is only valid with us as your service center. If we ship the unit to you and there are problems down the line, you must choose to either send it back to us as your cost (which we can help make enconical), accept the repair as something you will do yourself, or pay your tech to repair the unit in which we will supply the parts and information needed. We will under almost no circumstance pay your technician to repair a unit we sold under the guise of this warranty, especially without our express consent.

How to invalidate this warranty:
1. Have another technician work on the unit without our consent. This can be as basic as another tech installing a midi kit without our approval. Worse if you have another tech fix an issue with the unit without our input. We don't add a warranty seal, but believe me, we will know.
2. Expose the units to the elements or excessive smoke
3. Expose the unit to excessive travel (touring for example)
4. Be a jerk. Yes, we will refuse working with you if you are unpleasant to deal with.

We reserve the right to cancel any warranty for any reason we see fit

Real talk:
We truly are dedicated to you being happy with what you received from us and want your repeat business. 9 out of 10 times we will handle future issues with anything we sold or serviced regardless of the above info. The above info represents the "official" rules in case it ever matters.

Payments: We accept all forms of payment. Our preference is Paypal or Bank Wire. We do accept credit card, however in rare circumstances we may apply a 3.4% fee to your invoice in order to pay by CC.

Pickup: Once you’re notified that your gear is finished, you should pick it up as soon as possible. Any equipment left over 2 weeks past completion will incur a $10 a day storage fee. If you don’t think you can pay right away or pick up right away, just let us know so we can adjust our schedule accordingly.

Scary words: It’s really easy to have a straightforward and pleasant experience having your gear repaired. While most of the above and below is standard info, some specific things were added probably because of one person who decided to be a pest. This is not a corporate entity where our customers and clients are only numbers. We are real people doing hard and good work, and deserve to be treated as if you’re dealing with real people. A positive experience is as easy as being a reasonable person.

Rental Rates & Policies

(Updated: 5/23)

Renting synths is one of the most exciting parts of our business. With that excitement comes numerous frequently asked questions you can find answers for below.

How much does it cost?
That depends on the synth! However, as a general set of guidelines:
Most synths that are valued less than $10k are between $1-150 per day
Most Expensive, usually polyphonic synthesizers are slightly less than $200 per day.
Most very expensive synthesizers (CS-80, OB Eight Voice, etc) are much more expensive per day due to their market value and in consideration the manpower required before, during and after your rental.

Do you offer multi day discounts?
Like all LA rental houses, we bill daily or weekly based on a four day week. So if you pay for 4 days, you can keep it for 7. Some ask if there is a discount if they actually only need it for 4 days, and the answer is no.
Similarly, if you pay for 3x 4 day weeks, you can keep the synth for one calendar month.

Note: In order to get the multi week discount, it must be discussed at the onset of the rental.

When does a day start, exactly?
Exactly? We don’t know. This is where reason comes in. If you call us at 4pm to book your rental same day, we will count that day as your first day. Similarly, if you book it for the following morning but really need a “setup day” the day before, and we can more or less verify that its actually a setup day and not a use day, the first “use” day is the morning you booked for and the setup day is given as a courtesy.

A little more specifically, we count a day of “use” as any day, after 12pm, that someone else couldn’t retrieve the same synthesizer for their own rental use. So say you picked up a drum machine Monday at 5pm and returned it Wednesday at 5 pm. That is a 3 day rental even if you technically only had it for 48 hours. In that same scenario, if you returned it wednesday before noon, it would be a 2 day rental.

Can anyone rent from you?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is that the first time you rent from us we will require that we deliver the rentals to you and we may also put a hold on your credit card for the value of the gear. There is a vetting process.

I'm not in LA.. Do you ship out rentals?
We consider ship-outs on a case by case basis. We will consider it if the session/event is backed by a major label or corporation for a major artist or film production. Please note that if your ship-out is approved, there is a 2-week minimum charge for each instrument, even if your need is only for half a day. We also require that the shipping be done through our cargo service. If that's not possible, UPS or FEDEX overnight is possible at your expense.

If you're not one of the above types of entities, you may consider saving substantial costs by just renting our studio. A roundtrip plane ticket, lodging, and studio time is probably cheaper.

Studio Rates, & Policies

(Updated: 1/24)

Our studio features a complete and carefully curated collection of the finest vintage synthesizer gear available. While the synths are the main draw, we can’t stress it enough that the studio is fully configured to professional standards.

How much is it per hour?
We do not rent the studio "by the hour". We rent the synth cabin by the full and half day.

How much is it per day?
Without engineer:
A full 8 hour day in the synth cabin is $800 and $150 per hour after.
A half day (4 hours) in the cabin is $450 and $150 per hour after.

We allow 30 minutes of setup time before your session at no cost. If you do not hire our engineer, this 30 minutes includes the rundown on how to operate the room.

The rate increases by $250-500 if you need an engineer. Our engineer also will help you program sounds.

An 8+ hour session must start before noon.

Elaborating the engineer pricing structure:
Without engineer: This means you are self sufficient and will not require someone to be in the room full time with you to hit the record button, or you're bringing your own engineer. We will still be available to you to help patch things, configure things, and help out in general.

With engineer/programmer: This means our engineer will be in the room with you full time helping you out with recording, patching, and helping you use and program the synthesizers. We can't stress enough that our engineers are very capable with sound design!

Our engineer’s are very talented, and you may be tempted to have them perform on your recordings. You will have to discuss a co-write situation with them which is handled external to our business and does not change the studio rates, even if they are now your collaborator.

Can I lock out the room for multiple days, weeks, or months? Does the price go down?
Yes to all. We would structure a deal with you depending on the length of time.

Can I bring all my friends?
We ask that you limit the amount of entourage, friends, significant others, barbers, etc for your session. Of course it’s fine if you have a few roll through, but the room just isn’t big enough for 15 people who aren’t doing anything. Please don’t have your haircut here.

Can I host my birthday party there?
At this time, we are not booking events in the studio.

Is the studio 420 friendly?
Yes! Our studio is 4/20 friendly. However, we have a total ban on ciggarettes and nicotine in general.

My sessions usually start at 1am, is that cool?
The short answer is no. The long answer is that if you’re willing to pay for it, we can host night-owl sessions.

Web Store Policies

The Rosen Sound web store is not your average place to buy parts for your synthesizers.

First, our webstore is geared towards professional technicians or synth owners who are buying parts for their tech to install. Some products come with limited instructions as they're meant to be installed by skilled and experienced technicians.

Most parts ship same or next day if it’s a standard stocked part. Any part or kit that requires assembly or part-gathering will likely not ship so fast. You will be contacted with the lead time if it’s more than a few days. If your order is urgent, please communicate that.

Return policy:
We do not accept returns unless the parts delivered were somehow defective. Even in those cases, our preference is to replace the defective part. If you are unhappy with this policy and choose to open a PayPal case or issue a CC chargeback, you will be banned from our web store and services for life.

If the event we do accept a return, a 25% restocking fee will be deducted.

I ordered a kit that is incompatible with my synthesizer. Can I return it?
This is handled on a case by case basis. If your kit required special configuration, it’s probably going to be a no. If you need component or two exchanged or further help with your specific situation, we’re happy to help at a reasonable cost. We’re here to help!

You may consider reselling your kit on reverb.com or eBay. If you’re a tech, you might consider holding onto it for a future job.

I’m not a tech… can I install your parts?
Our parts are generally meant to be installed by qualified technicians. You may find it difficult to install some of our kits unless you’re very well versed with electronics. We’re not responsible for any damage you may cause nor are we likely to help you if you don’t know much about electronics.

If you need a recommendation near you, email us.

If you’re the end user who “knows just enough to be dangerous” you may have luck installing our kits yourself. Please reach out if you have questions.

I never received my package. Can I have another for free or cheaper?
This policy has been added after a couple of people put in the wrong address and the packages were delivered but they never got their parts. Sorry, there’s just nothing we can do, especially if you for some reason want to blame it on us. You’re welcome to purchase another.

In some instances, a package will be returned to us by the courier. Unfortunately, this can often take some time. If this happens, we will of course re-send it to you wherever you might be. Just give us the right address this time!

Finally, our policy is that once it’s out of our doors, it’s no longer our responsibility. The buck stops with the courier.

Will you lie on customs forms for me or ship to x so I can avoid import fees?
No. Stop asking. If you don’t like your government’s import fees, you might consider moving or writing your local law makers.

I live in Canada/elsewhere and your shipping is expensive to ship to countries outside the US. Can you send it somehow slower and cheaper?
No. For two reasons… For one, that’s actually how much the shipping costs. Actually, sometimes we lose a bit on the shipping charges. For two, shipping it slower requires more effort and you’re probably going to complain about the shipping time anyway even though you asked for it. If you don’t want to pay for shipping to your country for synthesizers worth a lot of money, you can’t be helped.

Can I burden you with my companies invoice structure and get a specific quote to ship to xxx?
NO!! Please just add what you want to the cart and buy it!

I don't see the part I need listed... might you have it?
It's possible we have parts you're looking for that are not listed as stocked products on our webstore. Cotact us via our "contact us" page and check the "parts inquiries" box so that your message goes to the right place. As a rule of thumb, we do not have whatever odd ball board you might need for some random 90's digital keyboard. We also generally will not sell ASIC's used in vintage Roland and Yamaha synthesizers as we must keep these in stock for our restoration customers.

Who should I contact about my order?
Our web store is managed by the brilliant Stephi. She can be contacted via email addressed to stephi (at) rosensound.com