Yamaha CS-80 Service

Bring Glory to Glory

Besides specializing in all vintage synthesizers from the best parts of the 20th century, Rob Rosen, owner of Rosen Sound, is also known to be one of the most reputable technicians to work on the elusive Yamaha CS-80 synthesizer. The CS-80 is not a synth to be handed to any technician, and to achieve a true and musical playing experience, extreme caution and finesse must be exerted when servicing one.

From basic repairs to full restoration, Rosen Sound is equipped with the space, tools, parts, and patience needed to bring these beautiful machines back to full glory.

Deposit required (non-refundable) $1000
Bench rate: $150 per hour (same as other repairs)
CS-80 rush rate: $250 per hour
Lead time before service initiation: 3-6 months
Average completion time: 4-12 months
Average completion time (rushed): Within 7-40 days
Cartage available in Los Angeles
Yes, we can arrange pickup/cartage/shipping from outside of Los Angeles.

Warranty: No finite warranty. If we worked on it, we will fix it. We cannot guarantee the parts put inside of course. All travel expenses to be paid by customer.