Repair & Restoration Shop

Rosen Sound remains the #1 choice for the most discerning professional musicians & composers in Los Angeles & worldwide. Our no-compromise restoration methodology has cemented our name as an authority on vintage synthesizer work.

High Quality Work On High Quality Gear

  While we have experience working on all types of vintage synth gear, we’re most known and lauded for our work on high end synthesizers like the Prophet 5, OB-X, Jupiter 8, Moog Modulars, CS-80, EMS Synthi, and all other machines in that caliber of synth. We’re also highly experienced and known for our work on more challenging machines, like the Memorymoog, Rhodes Chroma, early Prophets, and Oberheim SEM systems, namely the four & eight voice synthesizers.

Unparalleled Parts & Spares Inventory

One of the more challenging things for synth tech’s is parts availability and example machines to compare signals with. Rosen Sound has over 2000 parts in stock, rare and common, for use in our restoration work. We have also gone to the lengths of recreating some hard to find parts and out of production circuit boards to serve our restoration jobs and update machines to their optimal revisions. Additionally, thanks to our large rental fleet, we have one and sometimes two examples of almost every synthesizer that comes through our doors, meaning we often can avoid the dreaded position of needing an example machine to compare a broken synth with.

We Make Synths Better Than New

We do this by setting our main focus on restoring synths to their “out of the box” condition (electronically speaking). However, not all synths were reliable even out of the box, so we have developed new techniques and retrofits to stabilize certain machines so that they perform how you’d expect a musical instrument to perform, without altering the fundamental sound of the machine.

We Are Musicians

And this is critical when choosing a tech shop for your gear. So often we hear of other techs having no musical background whatsoever… or they’re guitar players. I wouldn’t ask a butcher to change my brakes, so I sure wouldn’t want a guitarist adjusting my keyboard action. All techs here at Rosen Sound are musicians with a focus on keyboard instruments. Some of us even play in well known bands, but the point is that you can be sure that we respect the timbre and tuning of your synths as if we were going to perform with them ourselves.

Our Team

We are a diverse team of skilled technicians with decades of combined experience working with synth gear, touring, studio wiring, and electronics in general.

Rosen Sound is:
Cesar Reyes – Assistant Head Tech
Michael Paulsen Technician
Jolene Anderson – Juno Tech
Stephi - Production Manager
Eli Epstein – Head of Operations & Project Management
Cody Barcikowski – Programming & Special Projects
Rob “The Door” Rosen – Owner, Head Tech

Serving The USA

By utilizing air cargo, we are able to ship and receive to most major airports in the continental United States. No expensive shipping labels or long transit times. You can have your gear in our shop the same or next day. We can even loan or provide a new road case for the trek, with a roundtrip cost that is usually less than your standard ground label. Get in touch so we can coordinate this process!

Synths We Don't Work On

While we genuinely wish we can help you with everything, the reality is that in order to deliver our specilized service, we must unfortunately reject the following instruments due to price/repair costs ratio, lack of schematics, especially poor build, or simply put we just don't like working on them.
We will no longer accept any of the following for repair: Alesis Andromeda, Korg Polysix, Korg Poly 61, Soviet Synthesizers, Italian synthesizers (we will work on the Synthex), most "organ" type synthesizers, Moog Satellite, Ensoniq synthesizers.

We Work On Large & Difficult Synthesizers
We’re equipped in space and storage to take in large synthesizers such as the Yamaha CS-80, GX-1, and the biggest modular system you can muster up.


We Service All Brands
Roland, Korg, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Moog, ARP, EMS, Yamaha, EML, PPG, Crumar, ELKA etc.


Our Resources Are Unprecedented
We have access to the most fruitful sources of parts, meaning your synth has a very low chance of unsuccessful repair due to parts availability. We have the stock of 2 out-of-business repair shops from the 80’s and 90’s and have parts for almost any machine.

Rob Rosen, head technician, has been repairing keyboards and synthesizers for over a decade in the Los Angeles area. Rob is known worldwide for his work on synthesizers and is a consultant to many other shops in the US and other countries. Besides work on synthesizers, Rob is also a top consultant for sound design and sampling, and has provided sound design and programming for some of the industries top artists. You can hear Rob and his team’s handy work whether it be repairs or sound design every day as you listen to the radio, walk through the grocery store, and even a couple superbowl halftime shows.