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Rob's Rare Synths

Rosen Sound is proud to offer quality synthesizers for sale to the public under the moniker of Rob’s Rare Synths.
As always, all items are sold fully restored & guaranteed
If you're interested in anything below, please get in touch!
Updated 4/23/2023

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The RRS inventory list is ever changing! As a matter of fact, some synths never have a chance to be listed here as they're purchased before that is possible.
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Prophet 5 Rev 2

This Prophet 5 Rev 2 is in very good condition and tunes up fantastic. It is ready to go unless the buyer would like to add midi.

EMU Modular

Not for the faint of heart... a truly rare and massive EMU modular synthesizer we are lucky to have on consignment. All modules are analog and was configured to be used polyphonically (4 voices) with the included 460 keyboard.

Technicaly ready to go but we recommend a short shop stay post sale. This unit has an enourmous asking price, so please do not contact us about it unless you are a serious buyer.

Korg Mono/Poly

Korg Mono/Poly in okay cosmetic condition, but is fully working and restored.

Moog Vocoder

In great condition but currently non-functioning. It will be restored once reserved. 4-5 week lead time.

Rob's Personal Collection For Sale

I am selling a sizable portion of my own collection in order to fund a house purchase! You can learn more about this sale, including terms of purchase here:

Roland System 100m

This 4 cabinet Roland System 100m was carefully curated over the last 6 years and is much more than meets the eye at first glace. Included in this set is many rare modules including a stereo set of phasers, output mixers, the EQ, and more spare modules. It also includes the small keyboard, the normal size keyboard (not pictured), and the 184 four voice keyboard, which this system is capable of producing. It includes 3.5mm cables and DIN plugs to connect common CV/Gate to all module sets. Most of the system is in very great condition, but we may opt to repair some rusting on the top of one cabinet prior to delivery.

Price: $SOLD. 

Korg Polysix

This Polysix was actually purchased new in the box from a Guitar Center. The box had never been opened before we went in to pay for it. Unfortunately the box was lost by the guitar center people before we picked it up. This polysix somehow did not suffer serious battery leakage. Actually, only 2 traces had to be redone and there is no other evidence of leakage, which is why I often referred to this as the Polysix that defied the odds. Otherwise, it’s in great shape and includes Tubbutec midi.

Price: $3,000


Oberheim Xpander

This Xpander originally belonged to Rhett Lawrence and was sold to me by Techno Empire. It has new walnut sides (we may have the originals which were in fine shape) and has the new overlay from Sweet Discrete, making this one in exceptionally great shape. It also includes the nice Benden VFD's. It has been fully serviced.

Price: $7,000


RA Moog Melodia Theremin

This is a rare and historic theremin released by Bob Moog as a DIY kit. It is nicely built but does not seem to work correctly. It is being sold as-is.

Price: $2,000

Moog Prodigy

Includes interface jacks. The condition is okay.

Price: $1,500

Oberheim OB-1

This OB-1 is serial #3, but does not appear to suffer from ‘early’-itus. Works fantastic! It includes the Tauntek programmer

Price: $4,500


Prophet 5 Rev 2

This Prophet 5 Rev 2 was actually traded to me some years ago. It was completely rebuilt with new capacitors and the previous tech (friend of mine) actually rebuilt every potentiometer. Not all Rev 2's are created equally, but we're happy to say this Rev 2 tunes up great and performs as one would hope. It has been very reliable and includes Kenton Midi.

Price: $12,500

Roland System 100

This Roland System 100 set includes the 101 keyboard and 102 expander unit. They work and sound great and have already been restored! They are in fantastic condition.

Price: $7,000

Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

This Prophet 10 is currently unrestored, but will be restored upon purchase. It was purchased from the original owner and does currently work just fine. Truly 2 rev 3 Prophet 5's in one box! The condition is fantastic and includes some of the original pedals and a hardshell case.

Price: $23,500

Maestro USS-1

Great FX unit designed by Tom Oberheim
Unrestored, but working. Will be restored on purchase. Includes very rare tolex case!

Price: $3,000

ARP Quadra

This ARP Quadra is one of the very rare one thats worked while it was original and still works after being gone through! Fantastic unit in good condition.

Price: $12,500


Moog Sonic Six

Fantastic condition sonic six in fully working order. It is missing one slider cap, and if we ever get one, its yours!

Price: $4,000

Looking For Something Not Listed Above?

Rosen Sound is well connected and equipped to find you essentially anything you'd like. If you're looking for something not listed above, please get in touch!

Wanted Dead Or Alive:

ARP 2600
ARP 2500
ELKA Synthex
Moog Minimoog
Moog MemoryMoog
Moog Modular
Oberheim OB-X
Oberheim OB-Xa
Oberheim OB-8
Oberheim Two Voice, Four Voice / Eight Voice or any SEM System
Roland Jupiter 4
Roland Jupiter 8
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 (any rev)
Sequential Circuits Prophet 10
Yamaha CS-50 CS-60 CS-80

B-Stock, As-Is, & Clunkers

The below items come with no warranty or guarantee whatsoever. They are great projects or good for parts. None are restored.

  • - Oberheim OB-SX
    - Yamaha SK-30


We ship using a few different methods. Our preferred method is via air cargo which is strikingly inexpensive and arrives to you the same or next day, and allows the buyer to pay for the shipping charges instead of it being middle-man’d through us. We stress that the cost of shipping same/next day via this method is exceptionally safer due to the shorter handling times, and surprisingly cost much much less than traditional shipping… and you get your synth faster!

We are currently offering free shipping in CONUS if you utilize air cargo.

We also will ship UPS if going to the airport is not an option or you prefer it. We know everyone has their opinion on UPS/FEDEX, so we should note that we are UPS people.

Want it to ship in a brand new hard case?
We work with an awesome local flight case maker who’s been in the biz forever. The prices are reasonable and he has measurements for the most common gear we sell. A new hard case will run $3-800 generally and be ready within a week or two. Note that this service is only offered to those who are purchasing gear from us or repair clients.