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Rosen Sound LLC

OB-X Replacement Voice Card

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They say necessity is the mother of invention. One day we sold off a lot of original OBX voice cards. We tried some solutions to replace them with other OBX compatible cards but the problem with them was that there's lots of SMD, lots of (scientifically accurate) replacement parts, and it just doesn't feel right to stick in a 40 year old masterpiece.

So, we went ahead and invested into perfect 1:1 replicas of the original voice cards with the gate LED. This means just like the originals they fit antiquated components and trim pots, have no silk screen, use a copper layer for component orientation and positions, have curvy lines for traces, and require patience to assemble.

We figured that if we were to make new OBX cards, they had to be JUST like the originals. No straight modern day traces and cute little via's. The copper layer is identical to the original, so if somehow some mojo of the sound was in that aspect, it's all there.

Available as assembled cards or blank boards (BOM provided w/ purchase)

All parts for these are available. Building out one card isn't a very expensive endeavor if you want to do it yourself.


Please note:

Assembled cards are assembled by hand by real life humans at our location in Burbank California. Assembled cards don't ship out right away and are made to order and then tested. Patience is critical! These aren't on amazon prime for a reason! Expect wait times of 4-6 weeks. 

Blank cards ship out immediately

Note: As of 1/2023 we are no longer offering a parts kit for this product due to the time it takes to pack them. A BOM with vendors is sent at the time of purchase so that you or your tech can build it yourselves.