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Febuary 2023 Update:
We are hard at work on what repair jobs are here. Feel free to email us about your project, but know that wait times are very long at the moment or will just outright be denied. Thank you!
To learn more about our policies and repair queue, visit the Rates & Policy page

1010 W. Oak St.
Burbank, CA 91506
Sales & Rental line: (818) 433-7664
Repair Shop Line: There is no repair shop phone number, use email!

The phone is now only for rentals and sales.
All repair inquiries, updates, and communications are now done exclusively via email.
This is so we can have a chain of communication to look back on. Also, we can’t keep answering the phone while trying to get the work done.
Emails are answered on business days within a few business days.

Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday – Appointment only

Visits to the shop are by appointment only!

Scheduled Closures:
Holiday break will have us closed from 12/16/2022 – 1/2/2023

If We Can't Help You...

The following businesses probably can! We do not make recommendations lightly, so you can be sure that the businesses below are top shelf.

Amp Repair
Amphole, Bob Dixon
Bob is the best of the best when it comes to tube amp repair.

Electro-Mechanical Keyboard
(Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond, Hohner, etc)
Ken Rich
Ken is truly the "OG" of the vintage keyboard world. Often imitated but NEVER duplicated, Ken is your best bet for high quality keyboard work.

Dan Saslow
Dan is a great electro mechanical keyboard tech who spent a decade learning from Ken Rich (above). While we are aligned with Ken Rich, we can safely recommend Dan as a great alternative if Ken is too busy.

Digital Keyboards
(Your M1's, Tritons, Motifs, etc)
Valley Sound
We hear great things about this shop for these types of keyboards and general music equipment.

Other Analog Synth Techs We Recommend
Bell Tone Synth Works
Alison & Team are top shelf and are quickly taking over the East Coast thanks to their commitment to high quality work.

Synth Tailor Electronics
Cole is a great tech for synthesizers and tape recorders in the Columbus, Ohio Area.

LA Synth Co
Boomer is a great tech who specializes in Roland synths here in the LA area. While our general repair philosophies differ, we do recommend Boomer for most repair work.

Synthpro Restorations
Jareth is a great tech for your Moog synthesizers located in Alabama

Pro Audio
LA Locals:
David Kulka, Studio Electronics

Matt DelVechio, Doctor Bass Inc

Outside of LA:
Peter is great with eventine and lexicon gear, and also does synths in the Cincinatti Ohio area.