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Rosen Sound LLC

Full Juno-106 Service

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This listing is for most parts and labor to repair your Juno-106 or HS-60 synthesizer while also adding our popular upgrades.

If you would like to send in your module board only for service, you can find that listing here.

Work that will be performed on your Juno:

    • Full disassembly of the entire unit for a thorough cleaning.

    • Replacement of all 80017A voice chips with new RS80017A which is what all Junos need

    • Replacing the power inlet with a normal 3 prong IEC receptacle

    • Full calibration of the Juno's module board

    • Service to the Juno's PSU

    • Slider cleaning

    • Button replacement

    • Installing our popular chorus input mod so you can use your Juno's stereo chorus on other line level devices

    • Keybed cleaning and service where needed (broken keys, etc)

    • Repair of any other issues present

    • 12 hour burn in to ensure maximum reliability

The current turn around (as of 12/21) is less than 3 weeks from arrival date

To begin the process, simply purchase this listing. Due to limitations in our webstore backend, you will be charged an additional $9 for shipping (CONUS), but we will deduct this from your return shipping charges.
You are responsible for packaging and shipping your Juno to us. It's not difficult and we are happy to advise on proper shipment (hint: lots of bubble wrap)
We recommend UPS over FEDEX but most preferable is utilizing our cargo system through Southwest Cargo. Feel free to contact us to find out more about that option, but note that it requires going to your closest major airport.

Most Juno's do not require much of the parts listed below to be replaced, but it does happen. The following parts and their price are below are the most common to need replacement. We do not charge to install any of these parts, but you may have a small balance due when the work is complete if your unit needs any of these parts changed.

    • Chorus chips - $40

    • Waveshaper - $40

    • BA662 - $15

    • Keys - $15 each

    • Sliders - $10

    • Slider knobs - $5 each

    • Bender lever - $20

    • Transformer - $50