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Rosen Sound LLC

TO-99 (Metal Can) Op Amp Adapter

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This small PCB helps replace malfunctioning TO-99, colloquially known as metal can, operational amplifiers and other 8 pin IC's.

This was created because we find the more commonly available DIP to metal can adapters to be a bit silly. With those, a large IC covers the wire pins you must attach yourself and creates what can only be described as a haphazard mess. If a mechanical issue occurs, you must clip the whole thing out of the PCB in order to fix it.

Since most metal can packages spread the legs out anyway, we decided to make one with the pins in a circular arrangement, complete with the pin 8 indication tab, but utilizing an SMD (SOIC-8) package instead of the larger DIP package. The legs can then be attached without the need for haphazard arrangements and it can be affixed to a PCB with a TO-99 circular footprint.

We can send these pre-fit with a ua741, LM301A, or CA3080 pre attached. We will not provide them with legs.

Tip: to assemble with ease, simply remove the malfunctioning metal can IC with a solder sucker (do not clip the pins if you can help it) and finesse the spread apart legs into the adapter PCB through the bottom of the PCB. Solder the legs onto the adapter and then clip the original metal can off the legs with flush cutters. Straighten the legs with a pair of flat pliers and it should fit the "spread" footprint. This is how our product photo was assembled!

Note: The notch indicates PIN 8, NOT 1! This is an idiosyncrasy of the TO-99 package. Always be sure to mark the position of the tab if the PCB has no silkscreen indicator.