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Rosen Sound LLC

RS4015 - ARP 2600 S&H Replacement Module

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This is our first in our series of replacement ARP 2600 sub modules.
We began making our sub modules because we work on too many 2600's to justify the costs and transit times of currently available 4000 series sub modules.

In short: The RS4015 is a drop in, analog replacement for your failed 4015 S&H module based on the original ARP module schematic.

More detail: The RS4015 is a faithful recreation of the original ARP 4015 S&H sub module. The original contains 2 parts that are unnecessary and hard/expensive to find: one FET transistor and one dual FET transistor pair used as a buffer. These are replaced with an obtainable FET transistor and a FET input op amp respectively.

- Drop in replacement for the ARP 4015 Sample & Hold module.
- FET input op amp eliminates the need for obsolete and rare IMF-3958 dual FET transistor.
- Arrives fully assembled.
- Sub module pins are crimped to the PCB, a weak point of other aftermarket modules that require the use of solid core wire
- High quality PCB utilizing through hole components, meaning it can be fixed down the line in the unlikely case of component failure.
- Black PCB matches the internal sub module aesthetic
- 1 year warranty from date of receipt.