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Rosen Sound LLC

Rev 1 & 2 Cassette Interface

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This is a copy of the Prophet 5 cassette interface for the Rev 1 & 2 Prophet 5.

The PCB is assembled and has a connector attached that you can splice in for the save and load jacks.

Jacks are not included with this listing, nor a drilling guide.

Note that you will need new a EPROM firmware to run the save and loud routines. We do not recommend stock firmware for rev 1 or 2, and highly recommend to use the RIKU firmware instead, available from via email. Note that RIKU offers a different version for Rev 1, which we have used successfully.

Adding in RIKU requires modifying the Prophet to use 3x 2716 type EPROM's, which also involves modifying the power supply by removing 2 voltage rails that won't be needed. This is not what we would call an easy job, and should be done by a skilled and competent synth tech.