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Rosen Sound LLC

Prophet 5 Replacement Badge Set (All Rev's)

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These are replacement badges for the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5's.

We are aware there are other, less expensive ones on the market. We made these because we couldn't continue to use those as they don't adhere well to the wood or metal chassis and they damage very easily with the tough of a finger-nail. Here, you are paying for quality.

These are made locally here in Los Angeles through a contractor who's been making badges and placards since the early 70's, and likely even made some of the badges some vintage gear is known for.
They're high quality and have a strong adhesive backing.

These are only sold as a set as we believe all should be changed for a job well done.

Please choose your set wisely. Most people have Rev 3 Prophets. The Rev 1&2 set is more expensive as the larger badge that covers the regulator screws are considerably more expensive to produce.

We ship out as quick as possible but these require special packaging. No returns once shipped.