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Rosen Sound LLC

Prophet 5 Capacitor Kit

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This kit provides replacement caps found inside the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Synthesizer. The tantalum capacitors inside the prophet 5 are notorious for shorting and causing all sorts of problems.

- Replacement PSU caps
- Replacement capacitors for all pcb's to replace all tantalum
- Replacement large rectifier capacitors with custom plastic mounts

Repairing and even just recapping a Prophet 5 is a delicate job that should only be done by experienced professionals, or in the least somebody with great skills and sense for electronics. Just removing the power supply PCB for service is difficult, and requires very careful reassembly, else the synthesizer and also this kit may be damaged when powered on. If you need a tech recommendation, please email us.

Other kits for the revision 3.2 Prophet include the 3 regulators on the power supply. We do not recommend changing the 2 adjustable regulators unless they are physically or electronically malfunctioning. If the LM7805 regulator dies, we are happy to sell one to you or link you a good part number. These parts are not provided because they are not needed and may cause more harm than good. We have all pads and mounting hardware for these if you need any of those parts.

Please be sure to choose the correct revision from the drop down menu above. The easiest way to know your Prophet's revision is as follows:

    • Rev 1 has a power switch on the front panel, under the amp release knob

    • Rev 2 usually has no heatsink on the back (these are commonly added) and the volume & master tune knob are in the same row on the top right of the control panel

    • Rev 3.0 can be identified by it's lack of digital interface on the back of the synth near the heatsink

    • Rev 3.2 & 3.3 can be identified by the presence of the digital interface on the back of the unit near the heatsink