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Rosen Sound LLC

Oberheim OB-8 Midi Kit

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This kit will upgrade any pre-midi Oberheim OB-8 to add midi in, out and thru.

The kit comes pre-assembled with all IC's installed and the 2 ribbons installed as well. new ROM's are provided loaded with the B5 firmware.

What's included:
- Populated PCB with all IC's and 2 ribbon cables attached
- 2x standoffs for mounting
- 1x EPROM burned with the latest Oberheim midi firmware on midi board
- 1x EEPROM that replaced all 4 EPROM's on main board
- 3x pre wired midi jacks with wire cut to length needed

Please get in touch with us when ordering to let us know the type of install you're planning to do. The later OB8's have midi holes on the back side and thusly require much shorter cable lengths. Most other OB8's have the midi mounted on the left side wood panel. We sell a set of wood panels that include the cutout and midi plate here

This is compatible with the new Tauntek firmware as well. A royalty must be paid to tauntek for this firmware. Please contact Tauntek directly and send us proof of payment to them before asking us to load the ROM's with their new and awesome firmware!