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Rosen Sound LLC

Oberheim Hardware

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Hardware Set

All hardware is exact or as close to original as possible.

There is no "full hardware set" so please purchase only what is needed.
Note: None of this hardware is implied to be or expected to be compatible with later Oberheim products following the Matrix-12/Xpander

- OB-X/Xa/8 Exterior closing screws. Includes 12x side screws (original style, unlike other sellers) with 12x finishing washers. The nylon insert is not included.

- Matrix 12 Exterior closing screws. Includes 14x screws (original style, unlike other sellers) with 14x finishing washers. The nylon insert is not included.

- Xpander Exterior closing screws. Includes 6x side screws and 6x finishing fashers. This set also includes the 4x screws that go into the front of the lid. 

- PCB screw 10x. These are the screws that affix almost all PCB's inside all Oberheim gear

- Longer PCB screws x10. Includes 10x locking washers. These are the same threading as the PCB screws but are usually used to affix certain metal-metal points. For example, the metal tray of an OB-Xa to to the standoff that keeps it down. 

- Hinged Standoffs for OB-X and Xa. x3

- Lock nuts for most oberheim panel PCB's x25

- OB Series "The fallens", full set of the spacers used between the metal front panel and panel PCB, which commonly fly in all directions when you're not paying attention!

- Matrix Series "the fallens", as above but a bit shorter as they are in the Matrix series