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Rosen Sound LLC

OB-X Wood Sides

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These are hand made replacement wooden sides (or end cheeks) for the Oberheim OB-X.
As you may experience, the originals commonly absorb too much moisture and burst out, causing the veneer to pop out and exposing the cheap particle board underneath. This wouldn't be hard to replace with real wood, except that the OB-X will likely lose the classic black rubber trim aesthetic.

Our new sides retain the original look with the exact rubber trim that is found on the original. Our's however are made of American Walnut instead of cheap particle board and vinyl veneer. Since they're real hard wood, they wont burst out in 30 years, and they look like real wood instead of vinyl yet still without being too obviously different than the originals.

These are hand made here in Los Angeles by our wood worker. Since these are hand made in small quantities, there may be a 2-3 week lead time before shipping. We are keeping small quantities of sets in stock. If they are in stock, they will be shipped right away. You will be notified after purchase if they are immediately available or if the lead time applies.

Please let us know in the notes if you require new screws. It is advisable to use the screws already with your unit unless they're corroded, damaged, or missing. The OB-X uses different length screws in some areas because of the heat sinks and transformer, therefore you should exercise caution while replacing the wood ends and ensure the same screw ends up in the same holes.