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Rosen Sound LLC

OB-X Full Restore Parts Kit

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Add Bushings?

After restoring dozens of OB-X's we're thrilled to now offer our collection of parts to fully service one!

Included in this kit:

  • Replacement power supply capacitors

  • Replacement power supply trimmers

  • Replacement capacitors for the CPU and panel boards

  • Replacement capacitors for all voice cards and voice card mother boards

  • Replacement trim pots for voice cards

  • Replacement IC's for the CPU board that commonly fail

  • Replacement bridge rectifier

  • Replacement voice-enable DIP switches

  • Resistors for general service & ECO's

  • Written advise for general OB-X servicing and tuning

Optional: Add keyboard bushings

Note: More than any other synthesizer, we believe that the Encore (specifically) midi retrofit (whether you use/mount the midi jacks or not) is an important part of a full restoration on the Oberheim OB-X. This is because the computer uses primitive and outdated RAM, static RAM, and EPROM's that were unreliable in the late 70's and even less reliable today. The Encore kit replaces all of these unreliable components and brings the OB-X to the latest firmware, plus other features you might find useful. We are not sure if it's even worth troubleshooting the computer without this kit installed. Check it out at

Note: The blanket replacement of parts is rightfully frowned upon if its used as an excuse to avoid troubleshooting the true issues of your machine. However, if your goal is to have a reliable, consistent, and high quality instrument, we consider this collection of parts to be indispensable before more work should be done. The OB-X is not a synthesizer that can be hot-fixed until it's been properly rebuilt with the parts included in this kit.