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Rosen Sound LLC

OB-X 4 Voice Expansion Package

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If you own a 4 voice OB-X, you indeed are only experience half of the awesomeness that is an 8 voice OB-X!

This product listing includes everything you need to expand your 4 voice OB-X to 8 voices:

    • 4 reproduction voice cards as sold here. These are identical to the originals and have been used in many OB-X worldwide alongside original voices

    • Metal tray assembly

    • Assembled voice card motherboard

    • Standoffs, hinged standoffs, and screws needed to attach the metal tray to your OB-X

    • Molex connectors to plug into the OB-X CPU board

    • Molex connector to plug the top tray into the bottom tray

All of the above comes fully assembled as pictured. Besides calibrations, all you should have to do is install the product into your OB-X, plug all the connectors in, and you're off and running.

The motherboard has circuitry to be used as a lower motherboard too, but we have not tried this and thusly not offering it in this configuration.

We currently do not offer the motherboard or metal tray separately or as a DIY product.

This product is made to order. This means that each time it's ordered, a real human being assembles these cards, the mother board, and the tray with all components and hardware. Then, they crimp over a hundred molex points by hand and make all cable assemblies. These processes were done in the 70's by human operated machinery, but since we are small potatoes in comparison, our humans become the machine, and they're much less efficient.
Building this takes time and careful expertise. There is a potentially long wait time once ordered. Get in touch if you want to get an idea based on our current workload, but expect it to be 1-3 months before your package ships. We believe the wait is worth it and surely your OB-X wont grow it's own voice cards in the same time frame.

Metal tray & motherboard designed by Old Crow, manufactured by Rosen Sound