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Rosen Sound LLC

OB-8 Replacement Wood Sides

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Replacement walnut wood side pair for the Oberheim OB-8

Please note the three options! The options are for midi, mostly. On all OB-8's, the right panel has a cutout for the panning pot plate. If your OB-8 has midi, the left side may have the same cutout.

Option 1: Left side no cutout - useful if your OB has no midi, or midi is mounted on the back side of the unit (later units)
Option 2: Left side W/ Cutout for midi. Buy this if you already have wood sides with the midi plate installed, and you just want to replace the wood
Option 3: Same as option 2, but includes a reproduction midi plate. This is useful if you're adding midi but don't want to drill into the back side.