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Rosen Sound LLC

Minimoog Hardware

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Screw Set

All hardware is exact or as close to original as possible.

There is no "full hardware set" so please purchase only what is needed.

- Back Panel Screws x18
- VCO/VCF Card Screws x4 + Insulating Washers x4 
- Rear Card Screws x4 + Locking Washer x4 (Power supply & EG/keyboard cards)
- Left hand control long screws x2
- Bottom undercarriage screws x8

If you need the screws for the pratt-read keyboard that holds the keys down to the metal mechanism, please see our dedicated product listing for that.

If you need the screws that hold the keyboard to the wood case, please inquire and confirm what type of screws it requires (this changes in some mini's). We also have spacers for the keyboard incase you've lost yours.