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Rosen Sound LLC

Midi2CV Midi to CV/Gate Retrofit

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The Rosen Sound Midi2CV is a simple midi to CV/Gate converter that allows you to easily retrofit most mono synthesizers for midi control.

- Very small form factor. Unit is 30x30mm in size!
- 0-5V range for pitch control
- Dedicated pads for 5V and V+ gates
- Single & multi trig selectable by a jumper or alternatively with a switch
- Can run off of 5-25V drawing practically no current
- Easy installation with custom installation guides for select synthesizers
- Easy calibration of starting note, scale, and bend range via 3 on board trimmers. This makes it easier to calibrate very old synths that operate close but not quite at 1V/Oct
- Easily mounts with included standoffs
This product should only be installed by a skilled technician familiar with accessing and changing CV/Gate paths native to the instrument for our product to be installed into.

- Assembled Midi2CV board
- Standoff/screws (6-32 & M3) to mount into American & Metric synthesizers

This product was designed by Rob Rosen & Cody Barcikowski.
Hardware - Rob Rosen
Software - Cody Barcikowski