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Rosen Sound LLC

MemoryMoog Stereo Out & Noise Board

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This kit adds two new features to your memorymoog! Stereo Out's and better noise.

The memorymoog's stock noise generator is sample based, and thusly has a "heartbeat" that will get on your nerves now that you've noticed it. Our kit replaces this chip with a noise generator that works as you'd expect it to.

Additionally and perhaps most importantly, this board adds stereo outputs to your memorymoog, A CEM3360 dual VCA is utilized and controlled by the programmable volume control. Pan spread is fixed by configurable pre shipment for hard panning, 50%, or "spread" (spread by default)
On a standard memorymoog, two new jacks must be added to the blank plate on the back.
On a Memorymoog Plus, you must either drill new holes (not advisable) or repurpose 2 jacks on the sequencer board. The two jacks closest to the midi jacks (Click Out & Clock Out) are what we normally repurpose for the stereo outputs, as the sequencer is seldom used by most memorymoog users anyway.

The board also contains the same buffer circuit found in most memorymoogs. This board replaces that too as it takes up its real estate.

This board may be installed into a LAMM memorymoog as well. Just don't connect the buffer wires. 

Installation MUST be done by a competent tech.