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Rosen Sound LLC

Juno 60 Momentary Button Replacement

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The Juno 60 contains 24 momentary buttons that sometimes cannot be repaired.

They are all of the patch selection buttons, and any programmable button (oscillator select, chorus, etc)

If your unit has intermittent momentary buttons, this is usually repairable by opening the button and carefully cleaning the conductive pad and the metal contact area with some alcohol on a cutip. Do -not- spray deoxit or other contact cleaners into these buttons. If you do that, the rubber will swell and you will not be able to close the button following repair, and likely will rip it by trying. Once you've sprayed it, it's ruined.

Worse, these buttons are not obtainable without parting out another Juno 60. The Juno 6, since it's not programmable, only has latching buttons, which are different, and therefor not interchangeable with the 60's momentary buttons.

This product is a solution for compromised momentary buttons for the Juno 60. They may also fit the Roland drum machine that uses many of these buttons but we haven't tried it.

Our solution utilizes an available button with a special actuator that slips onto a custom 3D printed adapter that will fit your original Juno caps, so the new part will fit nicely alongside old ones. It is appropriate to change all of them as the new buttons "click" rather than the soft actuation of the originals. Then, the working old ones can be kept for spares or sold online, making you a millionaire.

The product comes more or less assembled, with the new button attached to the 3D printed adapter. You will have to desolder the old buttons, solder in our new ones, and add the old plastic cap onto the adapter.