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Rosen Sound LLC

Dual Op Amp to SIP Adapter

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This little board will aid in replacing hard to find/obsolete SIP op amps commonly found in many synthesizers but most notably Roland Juno 6 and 60. The board simply adapts the pinout of commonly available SMD op amps to replace either the TA75558 and NJM072. There are probably other op amps this will replace, but those are the 2 we use this for the most often.

For TA75558, fit a RC4558 op amp
For NJM072, fit a TL072 op amp
Both in SOIC-8 footprint

Boards come blank (fit your own pins and chip) or with chips & pins loaded. Boards are stuffed to order if you choose them with chips and pins, so please understand they may ship within a few days of ordering.