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Rosen Sound LLC

Dual Concentric Pot Shaft For Ball Bearing Pot

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These are new shafts that we've had machined specifically to replace the "fine" tune control for the classic Bourns dual concentric potentiometer, most notably used as part of the oscillator frequency controls on the Oberheim SEM and Moog Memorymoog. These stems reach into the ball bearing cavity.

While a rare occurrence, these shafts can often bend or break, with replacement all but impossible to source, until now.

Installation of this part requires a full disassembly of the control in question and should only be performed by a qualified person who is familiar with rebuilding controls.

We provide a replacement C clip with this product. Please be very careful with it as it's quite small!

For memorymoogs, the shafts are the correct length. In order to use them for the SEM, a 1/2" of material must be cut off the stem, easily done with a rotary tool. We can do this for you, but a delay in shipping may occur.

Due to low quantity manufactured, thusly a higher production cost, coupled with a low expectation in demand for this product, they are priced higher than you may expect and are totally not returnable unless the product is defective for some reason. No quantity discounts are offered on this product.

Note: product image shows new shaft on the left, old bent shaft on the right.