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CEM3340 Rev G VCO Integrated Circuit. 

To clear up a common misconception, the Rev G 3340 has existed since the 1980's. The reissue (this listing) is the same as the Rev G of the 80's. Therefor, certain synthesizers require certain changes to use them, as noted back in the 80's!

These drop into most synthesizers in our experience. We note the following:

- In the OB-Xa, 1 resistor must be changed (1M to 750K) for it to range properly
- In memorymoogs, these only calibrate in Oscillator 1 & 2 positions. Osc 3 must be a different rev. 
- It is hit or miss if they will work in a Prophet 5. Some Prophets will calibrate fine and then fail the tuning routine for that position. There are ways to finesse it to agree with the tuning routine.