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Rosen Sound LLC

Battery Eliminator NV RAM Module

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These modules will conveniently replace 6116 and 5517 RAM in many synthesizers (some listed below) with NV (non volatile) flash based memory which does not require batteries.

By installing these modules in place of your old RAM chips, you eliminate the need for the battery (in most cases) thus mitigating the risk of losing your patches or suffering battery leaks.

Unlike other similar modules, ours come looking sleek with a black and white aesthetic and include a sizable area to write the IC designator you're replacing, which is especially useful if you have any plans to utilize multiple sets of NV RAM modules, or just like to stay organized!

All you or your tech need to do is remove the battery (in most cases) and replace the RAM chips with these. No special sockets or re routing of data lines or traces needed.

Can be used in (with number of modules needed):

OB-8 - 3
OB-Xa - 1
Prophet-VS - 2
Prophet-5* - 1
Prophet-T8 - 6
Memorymoog - 3-8 depending on Plus/non plus
Jupiter 8* (encore midi only) - 1
Oberheim DMX - 4

* Denotes that this model will still require a battery due to the 6116 being used only as additional/expanded memory. Email us for specific directions for these models.