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Rosen Sound LLC

ARP 2600 Patch Cable Set

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In collaboration with our awesome neighbor SORRY cables, we are now offering hand made sets of patch cords designed to work and interface with your vintage ARP 2600 semi-modular synthesizer.

The set includes a total of 12 patch cables as follows:
- 6x 3' (1M) ARP 2600 patch cords
- 4x 2' (.6M) ARP 2600 patch cords
- 2x 6' (1.8M) ARP 2600 - Euro Rack (3.5mm/1/8") patch cords for interfacing your ARP 2600 with modern modular gear

Q: Why can't I just use the 10x for $20 packs I can get from various modular outlets?
A: Short answer is... you can! The problem is that those cables will not work perfectly or consistently with your ARP 2600 and some other gear that utilized Switchcraft Tini-Jax. The Tini-Jax used back in the day are slightly larger than the now standard 3.5mm connector almost all modular gear uses today, so todays cables will not work reliably in a tini-jax connector. If your ARP seems to behave differently depending on how you wiggle the cable, it's not a problem with your ARP, it's a problem with your cable connector type!

This set, as described above, includes 2x cables that have tini-jax on one side and standard 3.5mm (euro rack) on the other. The 3.5mm side is a black/gold connector as to differentiate itself from the larger tini-jax

These cables are truly for those who want to use the *right* cable with their 2600's.
Plus, they're engraved with our logo!

Warning: Do not use the Tini-Jax end on your modern modular gear. You can break the jacks! We are not responsible for you breaking your gear! 

Yes, these cables AIN'T cheap! The cost represents the cost to us (the connectors alone for one set are over $170) and human cost of assembly here in our shop.