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Rosen Sound LLC

ARP 2600 Midi Dongle

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This product is a custom assembled version of our Midi2CV product.
The PCB is installed inside of a small enclosure with a midi jack which is tethered to a jones plug that connects to the 2600 console.
The unit is powered from the 2600 and converts midi into cv/gate at the appropriate levels for the ARP 2600.

As we hope is obvious, this product does not include an ARP 2600. The unit comes comes assembled, pre-tested and calibrated for 1V/Oct and a whole tone of pitch bend.

Though it should be fine, we don't recommend hot swapping this dongle with the 2600. You shouldn't hot swap the normal keyboard either!
The "extra cost" associated with this product compared to our standard midi2cv product listing covers the additional costs in parts, cabling, assembly, and calibration. If you want to save some money or if you want to add midi internally into your 2600 and do all the wiring yourself, just buy the normal product listing :)