Rob's Big Synth Sale

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Whats Going On??: I'm sure many of you think it's insane that I am selling a sizable portion of my collection! And to be honest, I think it's insane too! That said, the true reason is simply that I need to buy a house for my family!

Payment terms: As this is all for one purpose, we need the payments processed in a certain way:
Bank Transfer: This is the preffered method
Credit Card: Expect a 3.4% fee added onto the total
Cash: Always preferred
Paypal: Must be sent as "friends & family"
Venmo: Can't be sent as purchasing goods
Zelle: Fine

No Exceptions.

Pricing: The pricing of my synths is slightly higher than usual for us. The reason is that all of these synths represent careful selection when we purchased them. For example, I have bought and sold a dozen Jupiter 4's.. why did I keep this one I'm now selling? Because it's a great one! The pricing is still fair in general. All prices are more or less firm.

Lead times: Most if not all synthesizers are ready to go. However, we will re-test each and make sure it's perfect, which should not take more than a few days.

Roland System 100m

This 4 cabinet Roland System 100m was carefully curated over the last 6 years and is much more than meets the eye at first glace. Included in this set is many rare modules including a stereo set of phasers, output mixers, the EQ, and more spare modules. It also includes the small keyboard, the normal size keyboard (not pictured), and the 184 four voice keyboard, which this system is capable of producing. It includes 3.5mm cables and DIN plugs to connect common CV/Gate to all module sets. Most of the system is in very great condition, but we may opt to repair some rusting on the top of one cabinet prior to delivery.

Price: $30,000. 

Roland Jupiter-4

This Jupiter 4 was purchased from the second owner. It’s in very good condition considering it’s vintage and has been restored already. It includes the CHD midi kit which is a nice kit compared to the Kenton. It features the lauded BA-662 based filters.

Price: SOLD

Korg Polysix

This Polysix was actually purchased new in the box from a Guitar Center. The box had never been opened before we went in to pay for it. Unfortunately the box was lost by the guitar center people before we picked it up. This polysix somehow did not suffer serious battery leakage. Actually, only 2 traces had to be redone and there is no other evidence of leakage, which is why I often referred to this as the Polysix that defied the odds. Otherwise, it’s in great shape and includes Tubbutec midi.

Price: $3,000

Oberheim Xpander

This Xpander originally belonged to Rhett Lawrence and was sold to me by Techno Empire. It has new walnut sides (we may have the originals which were in fine shape) and has the new overlay from Sweet Discrete, making this one in exceptionally great shape. It has been fully serviced.

Price: $7,000

Korg Trident MKII

This Korg Trident MKII has been fully serviced. Like all MKII’s, it suffered extensive battery damage that has been repaired by both Analog Lab and myself. It has proved to be very stable. It includes CHD Midi, nicely installed. 

Price: SOLD

RA Moog Melodia Theremin

This is a rare and historic theremin released by Bob Moog as a DIY kit. It is nicely built but does not seem to work correctly. It is being sold as-is.

Price: $2,000

Moog Prodigy

Includes interface jacks. The condition is okay.

Price: $1,500

Oberheim OB-1

This OB-1 is serial #3, but does not appear to suffer from ‘early’-itus. Works fantastic! It includes the Tauntek programmer

Price: $4,500

Roland Jupiter-6

This Jupiter-6 is in very good condition. It has the now-rare Europa CPU. It has been fully serviced otherwise and works great. It was rented by The Weeknd for many months during the Dawn FM sessions, and was likely used for the record.

Price: SOLD

Prophet 5 Rev 2

This Prophet 5 Rev 2 was actually traded to me some years ago. It was completely rebuilt with new capacitors and the previous tech (friend of mine) actually rebuilt every potentiometer. Not all Rev 2's are created equally, but we're happy to say this Rev 2 tunes up great and performs as one would hope. It has been very reliable and includes Kenton Midi.

Price: $12,500

Roland System 100

This Roland System 100 set includes the 101 keyboard and 102 expander unit. They work and sound great and have already been restored! They are in fantastic condition.

Price: $7,000

Aries Modular

File this under "I really don't want to sell it!". This is an awesome Aries modular that was assembled quite well by the builder. It is fully functioning.

Price: $15,000

Prophet 10

This Prophet 10 is currently unrestored, but will be restored upon purchase. It was purchased from the original owner and does currently work just fine. Truly 2 rev 3 Prophet 5's in one box! The condition is fantastic and includes some of the original pedals and a hardshell case.

Price: $23,500

Moog One

16 voice Moog One

Price: $6,500

Maestro USS-1

Great FX unit designed by Tom Oberheim
Unrestored, but working. Will be restored on purchase. Includes very rare tolex case!

Price: $3,000

Moog The Source

This Moog Source is fully working and gone through. It includes Encore Midi.

Price: SOLD

ARP Quadra

This ARP Quadra is one of the very rare one thats worked while it was original and still works after being gone through! Fantastic unit in good condition.

Price: $12,500

Moog Sonic Six

Fantastic condition sonic six in fully working order. It is missing one slider cap, and if we ever get one, its yours!

Price: $4,000